Title: 1-Phenyl-3-pyrazolidinone
CAS Registry Number: 92-43-3
Additional Names: 1-Phenyl-3-pyrazolidone
Trademarks: Phenidone
Molecular Formula: C9H10N2O
Molecular Weight: 162.19
Percent Composition: C 66.65%, H 6.21%, N 17.27%, O 9.86%
Literature References: Prepd by heating phenylhydrazine with b-chloropropionic acid: DE 53834 (1889); by acid hydrolysis of 3-amino-1-phenylpyrazoline: Kendall, Duffin, GB 650911 and GB 669591 (1951, 1952, both to Ilford). Review: Kendall, Br. J. Photogr. 100, 56 (1953).
Properties: Leaflets or needles from benzene, mp 121°. One gram dissolves in 10 ml boiling water, in 10 ml hot alcohol, in 37.5 ml boiling benzene. Practically insol in ether, petr ether. Freely sol in dil aq solns of acids and alkalies. Pharmacological tests indicate low oral toxicity. No cases of dermatitis have occurred.
Melting point: mp 121°
Use: Non-staining, high contrast photographic developer. The amount required is about one-fifth to one-tenth that of Metol.

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