3,5-Diiodosalicylic Acid
Title: 3,5-Diiodosalicylic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 133-91-5
CAS Name: 2-Hydroxy-3,5-diiodobenzoic acid
Molecular Formula: C7H4I2O3
Molecular Weight: 389.91
Percent Composition: C 21.56%, H 1.03%, I 65.09%, O 12.31%
Literature References: Prepn from salicylic acid and ICl: Woollett, Johnson, Org. Synth. coll. vol. II, 343 (1943); and iodine + H2O2: Jurd, Aust. J. Sci. Res. 3A, 587 (1950).
Properties: Colorless, odorless needles or slightly yellow cryst powder. Sweetish, bitter taste. mp 235-236° dec. Sol in 5200 parts water at 25°; freely sol in alcohol, ether and most other organic solvents. Practically insol in CHCl3, benzene.
Melting point: mp 235-236° dec
Derivative Type: Bismuth salt
Additional Names: Bijosal
Literature References: Pollano, Minerva Med. 1930 I, 786; C.A. 24, 48547 (1930).
Derivative Type: Ethyl ester
Additional Names: Ethyl 3,5-diiodosalicylate
Molecular Formula: C9H8I2O3
Molecular Weight: 417.97
Percent Composition: C 25.86%, H 1.93%, I 60.72%, O 11.48%
Properties: Crystals, mp 133°. Practically insol in H2O. Sol in alc, ether, benzene.
Melting point: mp 133°
Use: As I2 source in foods; in animal feeds as growth promotant.

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