Ammonia Water
Title: Ammonia Water
Additional Names: Ammonium hydroxide; aqua ammonia; spirit of hartshorn
Literature References: A soln of 28-29% NH3 in water.
Properties: Colorless liquid; intense, pungent, suffocating odor; acrid taste; strong alkaline reaction. d2525 ~0.90, 26°Bé. Dissolves copper, zinc. Fumes are formed when brought near volatile acids. Keep cool in strong glass, plastic or rubber-stoppered bottles not completely filled. Reaction with H2SO4 or other strong mineral acids is exothermic; mixture becomes boiling hot.
Density: d2525 ~0.90, 26°Bé
Derivative Type: Ammonia Water¾10%
Properties: Colorless liquid. Very pungent odor. d2525 0.957. Irritating to skin and mucous membranes.
Density: d2525 0.957
Use: Detergent, removing stains, bleaching, calico printing, extracting plant colors (cochineal, archil, etc.) and alkaloids; manuf ammonium salts, aniline dyes, and a wide variety of other uses.
Therap-Cat: 10% Solution as reflex respiratory stimulant.

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