Ammonium Stearate
Title: Ammonium Stearate
CAS Registry Number: 1002-89-7
CAS Name: Octadecanoic acid ammonium salt
Additional Names: stearic acid ammonium salt
Molecular Formula: C18H39NO2
Molecular Weight: 301.51
Percent Composition: C 71.70%, H 13.04%, N 4.65%, O 10.61%
Line Formula: CH3(CH2)16COONH4
Literature References: Prepn from stearic acid and excess 28-30% NH3 soln: Stumpf, Am. Paint J. 38, No. 45, 60, 64, 68 (1954), C.A. 48, 12428b (1954); from stearic acid and ammonium carbonate: Reiling, US 3053867 (1962 to Boston Chem. Prod.).
Properties: Yellow-white powder, softens at 35-40°F, mp 70-75°F. At 80°F: sol in methanol, ethanol; slightly sol in water, benzene, xylene, naphtha; practically insol in acetone, CCl4. Sol in water at 212°F, acetone at 134°F, ethanol at 172°F, methanol at 148°F, benzene at 176°F, CCl4 at 170°F, xylene at 180°F, naphtha at 160°F.
Melting point: mp 70-75°F
Use: In vanishing creams, in waterproofing cements.

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