Arsenic Trichloride
Title: Arsenic Trichloride
CAS Registry Number: 7784-34-1
Additional Names: Butter of arsenic; fuming liquid arsenic
Molecular Formula: AsCl3
Molecular Weight: 181.28
Percent Composition: As 41.33%, Cl 58.67%
Literature References: Prepn: Smith, Ind. Eng. Chem. 11, 109 (1919); Reisener in Ullmanns Encyklopädie der technischen Chemie vol. 3, (Urban & Schwarzenberg, Munich, 1953) p 850; Schenk in Handbook of Preparative Inorganic Chemistry vol. 1, G. Brauer, Ed. (Academic Press, New York, 2nd ed., 1963) p 596.
Properties: Oily liquid. Intensely poisonous! Fumes in air. d425 2.1497. mp -16°. bp 130.21°; bp11 25°. Dipole moment: 2.17. Heat of vaporization 8.9 kcal/mol. Specific heat: 3.19 cal/mol/°C. nD20 1.6006. Dec by water to form As(OH)3 and HCl. One mol AsCl3 can be dissolved in 9 mols H2O, this soln (d 1.53) may be diluted again with another 9 mols H2O giving a soln with d 1.346. Further dilution results in the precipitation of As2O3. Also dec by ultraviolet light. Miscible with, or solvent for, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, ether, iodine, phosphorus, sulfur, alkali iodides, oils and fats.
Melting point: mp -16°
Boiling point: bp 130.21°; bp11 25°
Index of refraction: nD20 1.6006
Density: d425 2.1497; d 1.53; d 1.346
Use: In the ceramic industry; in syntheses of chlorine-contg arsenicals, e.g., chloro derivs of arsine.

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