Calcium Iodate
Title: Calcium Iodate
CAS Registry Number: 7789-80-2
Additional Names: Lautarite
Molecular Formula: CaI2O6
Molecular Weight: 389.88
Percent Composition: Ca 10.28%, I 65.10%, O 24.62%
Line Formula: Ca(IO3)2
Literature References: Prepd by passing chlorine into a hot soln of lime in which iodine has been dissolved: Bahl, Singh, J. Indian Chem. Soc. 17, 397 (1940).
Properties: Nonhygroscopic, monoclinic-prismatic crystals. d415 4.519. Stable up to 540°. Sensitive to reducing agents. Soly in water (g/100 ml): 0.10 (0°); 0.95 (100°). More sol in aq solns of iodides and in amino acid solns. Sol in nitric acid. Insol in alcohol.
Density: d415 4.519
Derivative Type: Monohydrate
Properties: Cubic crystals. Slightly sol in water.
Derivative Type: Hexahydrate
Properties: Orthorhombic crystals. Slightly sol in water.
Use: Nutritional source of iodine in foods and feedstuffs. More stable in table salts than iodides: Food Field Reporter, Aug. 8, 1956; Daum, C.A. 51, 5324 (1957); to improve properties of yeast-leavened bakery products.
Therap-Cat: Antiseptic.
Keywords: Antiseptic/Disinfectant; Halogens/Halogen Containing Compounds.

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