Chinese Wax
Title: Chinese Wax
Literature References: The excretion of an insect, Coccus ceriferus Fabr., or C. pela Westwood, deposited on the twigs and branches of a species of ash tree in Western China. Chief constituent is ceryl cerotate.
Properties: White to yellowish-white, practically odorless, tasteless solid. d ~0.93. mp ~92°. Solidif 80-81°. Sapon no. 80-92. Iodine no. 1.4. Acid no. 63. Insol in water; freely sol in benzene, slightly in alcohol or ether.
Melting point: mp ~92°
Density: d ~0.93
Use: Manuf candles, leather and furniture polish; treating silk and cotton fabrics; sizing and glazing papers.

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