Title: Creolin
CAS Registry Number: 12751-04-1
Additional Names: Pearson's creolin
Literature References: Prepd from refined coal-tar oils. Approx composition: Tar acids and oils 75- 77%; emulsifying soaps 15-17%; water 8-10%.
Properties: Dark brown liquid, characteristic odor resembling that of phenol. Phenol coefficient (against B. typhosus) about 10. d 1.02-1.04. Forms stable milky emulsions when dil with much water. Miscible with a small amount of water; also miscible with alcohol, ether, chloroform.
Density: d 1.02-1.04
Use: As a general industrial and household disinfectant and deodorant in 1-3% emulsion in water.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Antiseptic, parasiticide. Do not use on cats.

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