Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Title: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
CAS Registry Number: 7085-85-0
CAS Name: 2-Cyano-2-propenoic acid ethyl ester
Additional Names: ECA; ethyl a-cyanoacrylate; ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate
Trademarks: Krazy Glue (Toagosei)
Molecular Formula: C6H7NO2
Molecular Weight: 125.13
Percent Composition: C 57.59%, H 5.64%, N 11.19%, O 25.57%
Literature References: Main constituent of super glue; polymerizes rapidly in various media including water. Preparative methods: A. E. Ardis, US 2467927 (1949 to B. F. Goodrich); C. H. McKeever, US 2912454 (1959 to Rohm & Haas). Prepn, polymerization and degradation: F. Leonard et al., J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 10, 259 (1966). Bioadhesive and histotoxic properties: B. J. Zumpano et al., Surg. Neurol. 18, 452 (1982). Prepn and drug delivery applications of polymer nanoparticles: G. Cavallaro et al., Int. J. Pharm. 111, 31 (1994). In vitro and in vivo studies in sclerotherapy: J.-C. Lin et al., J. Biomed. Mater. Res. 53, 799 (2000). Review of chemistry and toxicology: R. Cary, Concise Int. Chem. Assess. Doc. No. 36 (WHO, Geneva, 2001) 33 pp.
Properties: Clear, colorless liquid; strong, acrid odor; bp 54-56° (0.21-0.40 kPa); mp -20 to -25°. d20 1.040. nD20 1.4391. Surface tension: 34.32 dynes/cm. Vapor pressure at 25°: <0.27 kPa. Sol in methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, acetone, DMF, nitromethane.
Melting point: mp -20 to -25°
Boiling point: bp 54-56° (0.21-0.40 kPa)
Index of refraction: nD20 1.4391
Density: d20 1.040
Derivative Type: Polymer
CAS Registry Number: 25067-30-5
Additional Names: Poly(ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate); PECA
Use: In adhesives; in mfr of plastics, electronics, scientific instruments, jewelry, sports equip; in cable joining, manicuring, dentistry, mortuaries, fingerprint development. Polymer nanoparticles as pharmaceutic aid for controlled release drug delivery.

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