Ferrosoferric Oxide
Title: Ferrosoferric Oxide
CAS Registry Number: 1317-61-9
Additional Names: Ferric ferrous oxide; triiron tetraoxide; black iron oxide; magnetic iron oxide; Ethiops iron
Molecular Formula: Fe3O4
Molecular Weight: 231.53
Percent Composition: Fe 72.36%, O 27.64%
Literature References: Occurs in nature as the mineral magnetite (red-black lumps). Prepn: Gmelins, Iron (8th ed) part B, 36-62 (1932); Ullmanns Encyklopädie der technischen Chemie vol. 6, 420 (1955). Review: Robl, Angew. Chem. 70, 367 (1958).
Properties: Black cubes or amorphous powder. mp 1538°; d 5.2. Oxidized to Fe2O3 on heating in air. Practically insol in water. Sol in acids.
Melting point: mp 1538°
Density: d 5.2
Use: Pigment in paints, linoleum, ceramic glazes; in coloring glass; as a polishing compd; in the textile industry; in cathodes; as catalyst.

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