Title: Leptin
Additional Names: OB protein
Literature References: Peptide hormone produced by adipose tissue that is thought to act on receptors in the brain to regulate body weight and fat deposition. Name derived from the Greek word "leptos" meaning "thin." Protein product of the obese (ob) gene, mutation of which causes marked obesity and diabetes in mice. Secreted by adipocytes; mol wt 16 kDa. Identification of weight-regulating substance in blood of normal mice: D. L. Coleman, Diabetologia 9, 294 (1973). Cloning of mouse and human ob genes: Y. Zhang et al., Nature 372, 425 (1994). Biological activity as regulator of body weight in mice: M. A. Pelleymounter et al., Science 269, 540 (1995); J. L. Halaas et al., ibid. 543. Identification of brain as target tissue: L. A. Campfield et al., ibid. 546. Increased ob gene expression in obese humans: R. V. Considine et al., J. Clin. Invest. 95, 2986 (1995). Review of discovery and role in energy homeostasis: M. Rosenbaum, R. L. Leibel, Trends Endocrinol. Metab. 9, 117-124 (1998).

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