Mercuric Salicylate
Title: Mercuric Salicylate
CAS Registry Number: 5970-32-1
CAS Name: [2-(Hydroxy-kO)benzoato(2-)-kO]mercury
Additional Names: mercury subsalicylate
Molecular Formula: C7H4HgO3
Molecular Weight: 336.69
Percent Composition: C 24.97%, H 1.20%, Hg 59.58%, O 14.26%
Literature References: Article of commerce contains 54-58% Hg. Prepn: C. H. Rogers et al., Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Lea & Febriger, Philadelphia, 4th ed., 1948) pp 409-411.
Properties: White or slightly yellowish or pinkish, odorless powder. Poisonous! Insol in water or alcohol. Sol in warm solns of alkali halides, fixed alkali hydroxides and carbonates. Incompat: Alkali iodides.
Therap-Cat: Topical antiseptic.

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