Mercuric Sulfide, Black
Title: Mercuric Sulfide, Black
CAS Registry Number: 1344-48-5
Additional Names: Ethiops mineral
Molecular Formula: HgS
Molecular Weight: 232.66
Percent Composition: Hg 86.22%, S 13.78%
Literature References: Occurs as a mineral in California. Prepd by passing hydrogen sulfide through a soln of mercuric chloride in hydrochloric acid.
Properties: Black or grayish-black, heavy, odorless, tasteless, amorphous powder. Also occurs as black, cubic crystals (b-form). Transition temp (red to black) 386°. Black form can exist indefinitely in metastable state at room temp. Insol in water, alcohol, dil mineral acids.
Use: As pigment for horn, rubber, etc.

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