Title: Monoctanoin
Additional Names: Monooctanoin
Trademarks: Capmul 8210 (Stokely-Van Camp); Moctanin (Ethitek)
Literature References: Cholesterol solvent used to dissolve gallstones by direct biliary infusion. Semisynthetic mixture of mono- and di-glycerides of octanoic and decanoic acids of which glycerol 1-octanoate is the major component. Description of prepn from coconut oil and use in treatment of gallstones: V. K. Babayan, US 4205086 (1980 to Stokeley-Van Camp). Physical properties and clinical application: J. L. Thistle et al., Gastroenterology 78, 1016 (1980). Factors affecting cholesterol dissolution rate: J. B. Bogardus, J. Pharm. Sci. 73, 906 (1984). Clinical trial: K. R. Palmer, A. F. Hofmann, Gut 27, 196 (1986). Reviews of cholelitholytic agents: G. D. Bell, Pharmacol. Ther. 23, 79-108 (1983); R. J. Fitzgibbons et al., Surg. Annu. 21, 237-262 (1989).
Derivative Type: Glycerol 1-octanoate
CAS Registry Number: 502-54-5
CAS Name: Octanoic acid 2,3-dihydroxypropyl ester
Additional Names: caprylic acid a-monoglyceride; a-monocaprylin
Molecular Formula: C11H22O4
Molecular Weight: 218.29
Percent Composition: C 60.52%, H 10.16%, O 29.32%
Literature References: Prepn: L. Hartman, J. Chem. Soc. 1959, 4134.
Properties: Crystals from light petroleum, mp 39.5-40.5°.
Melting point: mp 39.5-40.5°
Therap-Cat: Cholelitholytic agent.
Keywords: Cholelitholytic Agent.

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