Phosphonium Iodide
Title: Phosphonium Iodide
CAS Registry Number: 12125-09-6
Molecular Formula: H4IP
Molecular Weight: 161.91
Percent Composition: H 2.49%, I 78.38%, P 19.13%
Line Formula: PH4I
Literature References: Prepd by hydrolysis of a mixture of diphosphorus tetraiodide and white phosphorus: Work, Inorg. Synth. 2, 141 (1946). Improved apparatus for its prepn: Beredjick, ibid. 6, 91 (1960).
Properties: Large, transparent, colorless crystals (usually cubes). Tetragonal system. Sublimes at room temp. Store in sealed ampuls in refrigerator! Vapor pressure: 50 mm at 20°; 760 mm at 62.5°. mp 18.5° under its own vapor pressure. Heat of fusion 12,680 cal/mol. Caution: Heat or traces of moisture or alcohol cause decompn into PH3 and HI. Will detonate if heated rapidly.
Melting point: mp 18.5° under its own vapor pressure
Use: In the laboratory prepn of phosphine.

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