Poractant Alfa
Title: Poractant Alfa
CAS Registry Number: 129069-19-8
Additional Names: PLS
Trademarks: Curosurf (Chiesi)
Literature References: Porcine lung extract composed of 99% polar lipids and 1% apoproteins. The phospholipid component consists primarily of phosphatidylcholine and its derivatives. Differs from other pulmonary surfactants in its 9.9% sphingomyelin content. Isolation: T. Curstedt et al., Eur. J. Biochem. 168, 255 (1987). Characterization of phospholipid content: E. Redenti et al., Farmaco 49, 285 (1994). Evaluation as surfactant replacement in rabbit: B. Robertson et al., Eur. J. Pediatr. 147, 168 (1988); in comparison with synthetic surfactants: S. Bongrani et al., Biol. Neonate 65, 406 (1994). Multicenter clinical trial in RDS in infants: Collab. Eur. Multicent. Study Group, Pediatrics 82, 683 (1988); H. L. Halliday et al., Arch. Dis. Child. 69, 276 (1993).
Therap-Cat: Pulmonary surfactant; in treatment of respiratory distress syndrome.
Keywords: Pulmonary Surfactant.

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