Title: Pramlintide
CAS Registry Number: 151126-32-8
CAS Name: 25-L-Proline-28-L-proline-29-L-proline-amylin (human)
Additional Names: tripro-amylin
Manufacturers' Codes: AC-137
Trademarks: Symlin (Amylin)
Molecular Formula: C171H267N51O53S2
Molecular Weight: 3949.39
Percent Composition: C 52.00%, H 6.81%, N 18.09%, O 21.47%, S 1.62%
Literature References: Analog of human amylin, q.v. Prepn: L. S. L. Gaeta et al., WO 9310146; eidem, US 5686411 (1993, 1997 both to Amylin Pharm.). Pharmacology: A. A. Young et al., Drug Dev. Res. 37, 231 (1996). Clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics: W. A. Colburn et al., J. Clin. Pharmacol. 36, 13 (1996). Clinical evaluation in insulin-dependent diabetes: O. G. Kolterman et al., Diabetologia 39, 492 (1996).
Therap-Cat: In treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes.
Keywords: Antidiabetic; Hormones/Analogs.

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