Title: Properdin
CAS Registry Number: 11016-39-0
Literature References: A highly basic serum protein believed to be a factor in natural immunity against germ and virus diseases, perhaps also against cancer: L. Pillemer et al., Science 120, 279 (1954). Combines with zymosan, q.v., the insol cell wall residue from yeast: L. Pillemer, O. A. Ross, ibid. 121, 732 (1955). Participates also in a nonspecific manner in a variety of immunological reactions of normal serum. Isoln from human serum: L. Pillemer et al., J. Exp. Med. 103, 1 (1956). Purification: Spicer et al., US 3038838 (1962 to Merck & Co.). Characterization of highly purified human properdin: J. Pensky et al., J. Immunol. 100, 142 (1968). Activity studies: O. Götze, H. J. Müller-Eberhard, J. Exp. Med. 139, 44 (1974). The human properdin system has been studied extensively; it was the subject of long years of scientific controversy. Components of the human properdin system that have been identified and characterized are: properdin, factor B, factor D and C3. Comprehensive review of L. Pillemer's work and history of the properdin system discovery: I. H. Lepow, J. Immunol. 125, 471 (1980). The rabbit properdin system: G. B. Naff, ibid. 124, 2625 (1980).

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