Title: Purothionin
CAS Registry Number: 9009-72-7
Literature References: A low mol wt wheat protein composed of a1-, a2- and b-purothionins. Contains about 20% cystine, 10% arginine and 10% lysine. Isoln from unbleached patent flour: A. K. Balls, W. S. Hale, Cereal Chem. 17, 243 (1940); A. K. Balls et al., ibid. 19, 279 (1942). Inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeasts: L. S. Stuart, T. H. Harris, ibid. 288. Toxic effects in animals: E. J. Coulson et al., ibid. 301. Sepn and characterization of a- and b-purothionin: D. G. Redman, N. Fisher, J. Sci. Food Agric. 19, 651 (1968); C. C. Nimmo et al., ibid. 25, 607 (1974). Amino acid sequences of a1- and b-purothionin: S. Ohtani et al., Agric. Biol. Chem. 39, 2269 (1975); eidem, J. Biochem. 82, 753 (1977); of b-purothionin: A. S. Mak, B. L. Jones, Can. J. Chem. 54, 835 (1976); of a1 and a2-purothionin: B. L. Jones, A. S. Mak, Cereal Chem. 54, 511 (1977). Review: D. D. Kasarda et al., "Wheat Proteins" in Advances in Cereal Science and Technology vol. 1 (Am. Cereal Chem., St. Paul, 1976) pp 208-210.
Properties: Forms a cryst hydrochloride. Freely sol in water. Easily digested by proteolytic enzymes including cryst chymotrypsin, chymopapain, papain.
Derivative Type: a1-Purothionin
Additional Names: 5-L-Arginine-27-glycine-33-L-isoleucine-34-L-serine-42-glycine-purothionin A I (reduced); purothionin A II
Molecular Formula: C198H340N68O56S8
Molecular Weight: 4825.76
Percent Composition: C 49.28%, H 7.10%, N 19.74%, O 18.57%, S 5.32%
Derivative Type: a2-Purothionin
Additional Names: 5-L-Arginine-6-L-threonine-18-L-serine-26-L-serine-27-L-threonine-42-glycine-purothionin A I (reduced)
Molecular Formula: C202H348N68O59S8
Molecular Weight: 4929.86
Percent Composition: C 49.21%, H 7.12%, N 19.32%, O 19.15%, S 5.20%
Derivative Type: b-Purothionin
Additional Names: Purothionin A I
Molecular Formula: C203H339N67O59S8
Molecular Weight: 4918.80
Percent Composition: C 49.57%, H 6.95%, N 19.08%, O 19.19%, S 5.22%

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