Title: Secretin
CAS Registry Number: 1393-25-5
Literature References: A strongly basic polypeptide gastrointestinal hormone, produced primarily in the duodenum and jejunum. Released in response to gastric acid delivered into the duodenal lumen; stimulates exocrine pancreatic secretion of water and bicarbonate and inhibits gastric acid secretion and emptying. Discovered by W. M. Bayliss and E. H. Starling, Ergeb. Physiol. 5, 664 (1905). Isoln of porcine secretin: J. E. Jorpes, V. Mutt, Acta Chem. Scand. 15, 1790 (1961). Structure: J. E. Jorpes et al., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 9, 275 (1962); V. Mutt et al., Biochemistry 4, 2358 (1965). Synthesis: M. Bodanszky et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 89, 685, 6753 (1967); M. A. Ondetti et al., ibid. 90, 4711 (1968). Solid phase synthesis: B. Hemmasi, E. Bayer, Int. J. Pept. Protein Res. 9, 63 (1977); D. H. Coy et al., Peptides 3, 137 (1982). Isoln of bovine secretin and amino acid sequence (identical to porcine): M. Carlquist et al., FEBS Lett. 127, 71 (1981); of human secretin: idem et al., IRCS Med. Sci. 13, 217 (1985). Comparison of natural porcine secretin with synthetic porcine and human forms in pancreatic function testing: L. Somogyi et al., Pancreas 27, 230 (2003). Review of radioimmunoassay methods: T. M. Chang, W. Y. Chey, Dig. Dis. Sci. 25, 529-552 (1980). General reviews: W. H. H├Ącki, Clin. Gastroenterol. 9, 609-632 (1980); W. Y. Chey, T.-M. Chang, J. Gastroenterol. 38, 1025-1035 (2003).
Derivative Type: Porcine secretin
CAS Registry Number: 17034-35-4
CAS Name: Secretin (swine)
Additional Names: secretin (pig)
Molecular Formula: C130H220N44O41
Molecular Weight: 3055.41
Percent Composition: C 51.10%, H 7.26%, N 20.17%, O 21.47%
Derivative Type: Porcine secretin acetate salt
CAS Registry Number: 17034-34-3
Manufacturers' Codes: RG-1068
Trademarks: Secreflo (Repligen)
Literature References: Synthetic porcine secretin; amino acid sequence identical to natural form. Efficacy in pancreatic function testing: L. Somogyi et al., Pancreas 21, 262 (2000); in diagnosis of Zollinger-Ellison syndrome: D. C. Metz et al., Aliment. Pharmacol. Ther. 15, 669 (2001). Use in pancreatic duct cannulation: B. M. Devereaux et al., Am. J. Gastroenterol. 97, 2279 (2002).
Derivative Type: Human secretin
CAS Registry Number: 108153-74-8
CAS Name: 15-L-Glutamic acid-16-glycine-secretin (pig)
Molecular Formula: C130H220N44O40
Molecular Weight: 3039.41
Percent Composition: C 51.37%, H 7.30%, N 20.28%, O 21.06%
Therap-Cat: Diagnostic aid (pancreatic function).
Keywords: Diagnostic Aid.

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