Silicic Acid
Title: Silicic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 1343-98-2
Additional Names: Precipitated silica
Literature References: Approx H2SiO3. Occurs in nature as opal. Monograph: E. A. Hauser, Silicic Science (Van Nostrand, Princeton, 1958). Short review of chemistry: S. A. Greenberg, J. Chem. Educ. 36, 218-219 (1959).
Properties: White, amorphous powder. Insol in water or acids except hydrofluoric (see under Silicon Dioxide); sol in hot fixed alk hydroxide solns.
Derivative Type: Silica gel
Properties: Pptd silicic acid in form of lustrous granules, esp prepd and adapted for absorption of various vapors.

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