Sodium Amylosulfate
Title: Sodium Amylosulfate
CAS Registry Number: 9010-01-9
Additional Names: Sulfated potato amylopectin sodium salt; sodium amylopectin sulfate
Manufacturers' Codes: SN-263
Trademarks: Depepsen (Searle)
Literature References: This product has substantially 1.6 sulfate groups per glucose unit and a mol wt of 2.0-8.0ยด107 and contains 15-16.5% of sulfur. Prepn: P. S. Camarata, S. Eich, BE 645762 corresp to US 3271388 (1964, 1966 to Searle).
Therap-Cat: Enzyme inhibitor.
Keywords: Pepsin Inhibitor.

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