Sodium Tetrachloroaurate(III)
Title: Sodium Tetrachloroaurate(III)
CAS Registry Number: 15189-51-2
Additional Names: Gold sodium chloride; sodium chloroaurate(III)
Molecular Formula: AuCl4Na
Molecular Weight: 361.77
Percent Composition: Au 54.45%, Cl 39.20%, Na 6.35%
Literature References: Prepd by evapn of a soln of HAuCl4 and NaCl.
Derivative Type: Dihydrate
Properties: Orange-yellow, rhombic, bipyramidal crystals. Stable to 100°. Dec before all H2O of hydration lost. Freely sol in water; sol in alcohol, ether.
Use: For paper-toning in photography, in electroplating baths.

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