Title: Spiroxamine
CAS Registry Number: 118134-30-8
CAS Name: 8-(1,1-Dimethylethyl)-N-ethyl-N-propyl-1,4-dioxaspiro[4.5]decane-2-methamine
Manufacturers' Codes: KWG-4168
Trademarks: Impulse (Bayer)
Molecular Formula: C18H35NO2
Molecular Weight: 297.48
Percent Composition: C 72.67%, H 11.86%, N 4.71%, O 10.76%
Literature References: Spiroketalamine fungicide for use on cereal crops; inhibits ergosterol synthesis. Prepn: W. Kraemer et al., DE 3735555; eidem, US 4851405 (1988, 1989 both to Bayer). Mode of action and field trials: S. Dutzmann et al., Brighton Crop Prot. Conf. - Pests Dis. 1996, 47. Series of articles on chemistry, activity, determn and ecobiology: Pflanzenschutz-Nachr. 50, 5-98 (1997).
Properties: Colorless liquid, mixture of stereoisomers. bp 120° at 0.067 hPa. nD20 1.4662. Log P (n-octanol/water): <3. pKa: 6.9. Soly in acetone, acetonitrile, dichlormethane, n-hexane, 2-propanol, toluene, water (pH 3): all >200 g/l at 20°. LD50 in rats (mg/kg): ~595 orally; >1600 dermally. LC50 in rats (mg/m3): ~2772 by inhalation; LC50 (96 hr) in rainbow trout: 18.5 mg/l (Dutzmann).
Boiling point: bp 120° at 0.067 hPa
pKa: pKa: 6.9
Index of refraction: nD20 1.4662
Log P: Log P (n-octanol/water): <3
Toxicity data: LD50 in rats (mg/kg): ~595 orally; >1600 dermally; LC50 in rats (mg/m3): ~2772 by inhalation; LC50 (96 hr) in rainbow trout: 18.5 mg/l (Dutzmann)
Use: Agricultural fungicide.

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