Sulfur, Pharmaceutical
Title: Sulfur, Pharmaceutical
CAS Registry Number: 7704-34-9
Literature References: Two forms of sulfur of 99.5% purity or better are recognized in pharmacy: sublimed sulfur, also known as flowers of sulfur, and precipitated sulfur, also known as milk of sulfur, made by boiling sublimed sulfur with lime and pptg with hydrochloric acid. Other sulfur preparations include: washed sulfur, made by treating sublimed sulfur with ammonia and washing with water to dissolve impurities, particularly arsenic; sulfurated lime, the active component of Vleminckx's lotion, made by boiling sublimed sulfur with lime, resulting in formation of calcium pentasulfide and calcium thiosulfate; and sulfurated potash (K2(Sx)), also known as liver of sulfur, made by heating sublimed sulfur with potassium carbonate. Review of dermatological applications: C. W. McMurtry, J. Cutan. Dis. 1913, 322-328, 399-408; of chemistry, biologic effects and clinical use: A. N. Lin et al., J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 18, 553-558 (1988).
Properties: Sublimed sulfur forms a fine, yellow crystalline powder. Insol in water, alcohol. Precipitated sulfur forms a very fine, pale yellow, amorphous or microcryst powder. Practically insol in water. Very slightly sol in alcohol. Soly in ether at 23°: 0.97%; in acetone at 25°: 2.084%; in carbon disulfide at 20°: 29.5%; in olive oil at 15°: 2.3%. Sulfurated potash forms irregular, liver-brown pieces; dec in air. Sol in water.
Therap-Cat: Keratolytic; scabicide.
Therap-Cat-Vet: Antiseptic and parasiticidal; in lotions, ointments and dips.
Keywords: Ectoparasiticide; Keratolytic.

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