Tetraglycine Hydroperiodide
Title: Tetraglycine Hydroperiodide
CAS Registry Number: 7097-60-1
Trademarks: Globaline (Arapahoe)
Molecular Formula: C16H42I7N8O16
Molecular Weight: 1490.88
Percent Composition: C 12.89%, H 2.84%, I 59.58%, N 7.52%, O 17.17%
Line Formula: 2[(NH2CH2COOH)4HI].2½I2
Literature References: Prepn: Frost, Eddy, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74, 1346 (1952); Morris et al., Ind. Eng. Chem. 45, 1013 (1953).
Properties: Flat needles with brassy-bronze metallic luster in reflected light, dec 162-167°. Soly in water at 25° = 380 g/l.
Use: Decontamination of drinking water in emergencies. Used in amounts sufficient to yield 8 ppm of active iodine. A tablet contg 20 mg plus 96 mg Na2H2PO7 plus 4 mg talc will decontaminate one quart of water. Such tablets after 7 days' storage at 60° retained 60% of their original active iodine. Less stable than aluminum hexaurea sulfate triiodide.

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