Title: Tetramethylsilane
CAS Registry Number: 75-76-3
Additional Names: TMS; silicon tetramethyl
Molecular Formula: C4H12Si
Molecular Weight: 88.22
Percent Composition: C 54.46%, H 13.71%, Si 31.84%
Line Formula: (CH3)4Si
Literature References: Two crystalline forms exist, a and b; b form is more stable. Prepn and properties: E. Krause, A. von Grosse in Die Chemie der metall-organischen Verbindungen, (Gebrüder Borntraeger, Berlin, 1937) pp 258-262; J. G. Aston et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 63, 2343 (1941); S. Tannenbaum et al., ibid. 75, 3753 (1953). Dielectric properties: A. P. Altshuller, L. Rosenblum, ibid. 77, 272 (1955). Temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility, 1H, and 13C chemical shifts: F. G. Morin et al., J. Magn. Reson. 48, 138 (1982). Thermodynamic properties: W. V. Steele, J. Chem. Thermodynam. 15, 595 (1983). Use in chemical vapor deposition of films of silicon carbide, q.v.: N. Herlin et al., J. Phys. Chem. 96, 7063 (1992); A. Grill, V. Patel, J. Appl. Phys. 85, 3314 (1999). Definition of 1H resonance of TMS as the NMR primary standard: R. K. Harris et al., Pure Appl. Chem. 73, 1795 (2001).
Properties: Liquid, mp -102.12° (a-form), -99.04° (b-form). bp 26.6°. d 0.636 at bp. d40 0.6688. d420 0.6464. nD20 1.3588. Heat of vaporization at normal bp: 5785.1 ± 16.0 cal/mole. Dielectric constant at 20°: 1.921.
Melting point: mp -102.12° (a-form), -99.04° (b-form)
Boiling point: bp 26.6°
Index of refraction: nD20 1.3588
Density: d 0.636; d40 0.6688; d420 0.6464
Use: NMR reference standard. In semiconductor applications (chemical vapor deposition).

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