Thiomalic Acid
Title: Thiomalic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 70-49-5
CAS Name: Mercaptobutanedioic acid
Additional Names: mercaptosuccinic acid
Molecular Formula: C4H6O4S
Molecular Weight: 150.15
Percent Composition: C 32.00%, H 4.03%, O 42.62%, S 21.36%
Properties: White crystals; sulfidic odor. mp 149-150°. Soly in water at 40° about 50 g/100 ml; in ethanol at 25° about 50 g/100 ml. Also sol in acetone. Moderately sol in ether. Practically insol in benzene. The aq soln gives a transitory blue color with ferric chloride.
Melting point: mp 149-150°

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