Title: Trimetrexate
CAS Registry Number: 52128-35-5
CAS Name: 5-Methyl-6-[[(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)amino]methyl]-2,4-quinazolinediamine
Additional Names: 2,4-diamino-5-methyl-6-[(3,4,5-trimethoxyanilino)methyl]quinazoline; TMQ
Manufacturers' Codes: NSC-249008; JB-11; CI-898
Molecular Formula: C19H23N5O3
Molecular Weight: 369.42
Percent Composition: C 61.77%, H 6.28%, N 18.96%, O 12.99%
Literature References: Lipophilic dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor structurally related to methotrexate, q.v., with antimicrobial and antitumor activity. Prepn: E. F. Elslager, L. M. Werbel, GB 1345502 (1974 to Parke, Davis); E. F. Elslager et al., J. Med. Chem. 26, 1753 (1983); of water soluble salts: N. L. Colbry, EP 51415; idem, US 4376858 (1982, 1983 both to Warner-Lambert). In vitro antifolate activity and in vivo antitumor effect: J. R. Bertino et al., Biochem. Pharmacol. 28, 1983 (1979). Pharmacology: E. C. Weir et al., Cancer Res. 42, 1696 (1982); R. C. Jackson et al., Adv. Enzyme Regul. 22, 187 (1984). GC-MS determn in human plasma: P. L. Stetson, W. D. Ensminger, J. Chromatogr. 383, 69 (1986). Clinical evaluation with leucovorin vs Pneumocystis carinii in patients with AIDS: C. J. Allegra et al., N. Engl. J. Med. 317, 978 (1987). Review of pharmacology and clinical efficacy: J. T. Lin, J. R. Bertino, J. Clin. Oncol. 5, 2032-2040 (1987); P. J. O'Dwyer et al., NCI Monogr. 5, 105-109 (1987).
Derivative Type: Monoacetate monohydrate
CAS Registry Number: 117381-09-6
Molecular Formula: C19H23N5O3.C2H4O2.H2O
Molecular Weight: 447.48
Percent Composition: C 56.37%, H 6.53%, N 15.65%, O 21.45%
Properties: Crystals from aqueous acetic acid, mp 215-217°. Poorly sol in water. LD50 i.p. in mice: 175 mg/kg (Jackson).
Melting point: mp 215-217°
Toxicity data: LD50 i.p. in mice: 175 mg/kg (Jackson)
Derivative Type: D-Glucuronate
CAS Registry Number: 82952-64-5
Manufacturers' Codes: NSC-352122
Trademarks: Neutrexin (MedImmune)
Molecular Formula: C19H23N5O3.C6H10O7
Molecular Weight: 563.56
Percent Composition: C 53.28%, H 5.90%, N 12.43%, O 28.39%
Properties: Tan colored solid. Soly in water: >50 mg/ml.
Therap-Cat: Antineoplastic; antipneumocystis.
Keywords: Antineoplastic; Antimetabolites; Folic Acid Analogs/Antagonists.

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