Title: Urena
Additional Names: Cadillo; caesarweed
Literature References: A bast fiber from the plant Urena lobata Dill. ex L., Malvaceae, a common, perennial grass growing in tropical and subtropical areas. Habit. Brazil, India, Madagascar, and Africa. Harvested when in full bloom (pink flowers). The fiber is creamy white, lustrous, soft and flexible, comparable to jute. Ref: E. E. Stout, Introduction to Textiles (John Wiley, New York, 1960) pp 56-57; A. S. Roy, Indian Textile J. 81, 73 (1981). Evaluation for use in pulp and paper: R. K. Dubey et al., IPPTA 18, 52 (1981).
Use: In cordage and course textiles.

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