Title: Zipeprol
CAS Registry Number: 34758-83-3
CAS Name: 4-(2-Methoxy-2-phenylethyl)-a-(methoxyphenylmethyl)-1-piperazineethanol
Additional Names: a-(a-methoxybenzyl)-4-(b-methoxyphenethyl)-1-piperazineethanol; 1-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxy-3-phenylpropyl)-4-(2-methoxy-2-phenylethyl)piperazine; 1-(2-methoxy-2-phenylethyl)-4-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxy-3-phenylpropyl)piperazine
Molecular Formula: C23H32N2O3
Molecular Weight: 384.51
Percent Composition: C 71.84%, H 8.39%, N 7.29%, O 12.48%
Literature References: Prepn: R. Y. Mauvernay et al., DE 2109366; eidem, US 3718650 (1971, 1973 both to Mauvernay). Pharmacology: G. Rispat et al., Arzneim.-Forsch. 26, 523 (1976); D. Cosnier et al., ibid. 848. Clinical abuse potential: L. Janiri et al., Drug Alcohol Depend. 27, 121 (1991). GC-MS determn in plasma and urine: P. Kintz et al., J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 11, 335 (1993).
Properties: Crystals from abs ethanol, mp 83°.
Melting point: mp 83°
Derivative Type: Dihydrochloride
CAS Registry Number: 34758-84-4
Manufacturers' Codes: CERM-3024
Trademarks: Antituxil-Z (Ghimas); Citizeta (CT); Mirsol (Permamed); Respirase (Gibipharma); Robnin (Nikken); Zitoxil (Lifepharma)
Molecular Formula: C23H32N2O3.2HCl
Molecular Weight: 457.43
Percent Composition: C 60.39%, H 7.49%, N 6.12%, O 10.49%, Cl 15.50%
Properties: Crystals from abs ethanol, mp 231°. Very stable in aq soln. LD50 orally in mice: 301 mg/kg (Rispat).
Melting point: mp 231°
Toxicity data: LD50 orally in mice: 301 mg/kg (Rispat)
Therap-Cat: Antitussive.
Keywords: Antitussive.

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