Alcian Blue
Title: Alcian Blue
CAS Registry Number: 12040-44-7
CAS Name: C.I. Ingrain Blue 1
Additional Names: C.I. 74240; alcian blue 8GX; michrome no. 24
Literature References: When R = toluyl, the mol wt is about 1300. Discovered by Haddock and Wood in 1944: Haddock, Research 1, 685 (1948); GB 586340 and GB 587636 (both to ICI). During dyeing the X groups split off. Prepn: Colour Index vol. 4 (3rd ed.) p 4620.
Properties: Greenish-black crystals with metallic sheen. When R = toluyl the solubility in water at 20° is about 9.5% w/w giving bright greenish-blue solutions. Soly in absolute ethanol about 6.0, Cellosolve 6.0, ethylene glycol 3.25. Practically insoluble in xylene.
Use: Gelling agent for lubricating fluids. As bacterial stain. To dye histiocytes and fibroblasts in vivo: McManus, Bailie, Fed. Proc. 22, no. 2, part I, p 190 (March-April 1963).

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