Calcium Succinate
Title: Calcium Succinate
CAS Registry Number: 140-99-8
CAS Name: Butanedioic acid calcium salt
Additional Names: succinic acid calcium salt
Trademarks: Artume
Molecular Formula: C4H4CaO4
Molecular Weight: 156.15
Percent Composition: C 30.77%, H 2.58%, Ca 25.67%, O 40.98%
Line Formula: CaC4H4O4
Literature References: Prepn: Beilstein vol. 2, 607, 2nd suppl., 548, 3rd suppl., 1657.
Derivative Type: Trihydrate
Properties: Needles or granules. Slightly sol in water; practically insol in alcohol; sol in dil acids.
Therap-Cat: Combined with salicylates for rheumatic fever and rheumatoid arthritis.

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