Title: Crotethamide
CAS Registry Number: 6168-76-9
CAS Name: N-[1-[(Dimethylamino)carbonyl]propyl]-N-ethyl-2-butenamide
Additional Names: N-(1-dimethylcarbamoylpropyl)-N-ethylcrotonamide; a-(N¢-crotonyl-N¢-ethyl)amino-N,N-dimethylbutyramide
Molecular Formula: C12H22N2O2
Molecular Weight: 226.32
Percent Composition: C 63.68%, H 9.80%, N 12.38%, O 14.14%
Literature References: Prepn: Martin, Gysin, US 2447587 (1948 to Geigy).
Properties: Liquid, bp0.03 132-134°. Easily sol in water, ether.
Boiling point: bp0.03 132-134°
Derivative Type: Combination with cropropamide see Cropropamide
Therap-Cat: Analgesic; combination as respiratory stimulant.
Keywords: Analgesic (Non-Narcotic); Respiratory Stimulant.

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