Title: Livetins
Literature References: Major water-soluble proteins found in egg yolk: Shepard, Hottle, J. Biol. Chem. 179, 349 (1949). Prepn and mol wts of a- and b-livetin: Martin et al., Can. J. Biochem. Physiol. 35, 241 (1957). Prepn and mol wt of g-livetin: Martin, Cook, ibid. 36, 153 (1958). Separation of four fractions, a1-, a2-, b-, and g-livetins, and preparation of b- and g-livetins: Oberdorfer, Z. Physiol. Chem. 331, 280 (1963). Protein constituents of the livetin fraction of egg yolk were identified as follows: a-livetin identified as serum albumin; b-livetin as an a2-glycoprotein with a sedimentation coeff of 2.95; and g-livetin as serum g-globulin: Williams, Biochem. J. 83, 346 (1962). Heterogeneity of livetin proteins in egg yolk: S. F. Hui, R. H. Common, Can. J. Biochem. 44, 1357 (1966); W. M. McIndoe, J. Culbert, Int. J. Biochem. 10, 659 (1979).

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