Magnesium Sulfite
Title: Magnesium Sulfite
CAS Registry Number: 7757-88-2
Molecular Formula: MgO3S
Molecular Weight: 104.37
Percent Composition: Mg 23.29%, O 45.99%, S 30.72%
Line Formula: MgSO3
Literature References: Occurs as tri- and hexahydrates.
Derivative Type: Hexahydrate
Properties: Colorless crystals or white, cryst powder; gradually oxidizes to sulfate on exposure to air; loses all its water at 200°; dec at higher temp. Sol in ~150 parts water, slightly more in boiling water.
Use: A soln of magnesium sulfite in sulfurous acid (magnesium bisulfite) is used in the manuf of paper pulp.

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