p-Bromobenzyl Chloroformate
Title: p-Bromobenzyl Chloroformate
CAS Registry Number: 5798-78-7
CAS Name: Carbonochloridic acid (4-bromophenyl)methyl ester
Additional Names: chloroformic acid p-bromobenzyl ester
Molecular Formula: C8H6BrClO2
Molecular Weight: 249.49
Percent Composition: C 38.51%, H 2.42%, Br 32.03%, Cl 14.21%, O 12.83%
Literature References: A stable, low-melting cryst product obtained from p-bromobenzyl alco-hol. In the carbobenzyloxy method of prepn of amino acids and peptides, gives higher melting and better cryst products than the corresp carbobenzyloxy compds: Channing et al., Nature 167, 487 (1951).
Use: In the prepn of amino acids and peptides.

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