Title: Phenolphthalol
CAS Registry Number: 81-92-5
CAS Name: 2-[Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)methyl]benzenemethanol
Additional Names: o-[bis(p-hydroxyphenyl)methyl]benzyl alcohol; dihydroxyphenylmethenylbenzyl alcohol; 2-(4,4¢-dihydroxybenzhydryl)benzyl alcohol; bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-(2-hydroxymethylphenyl)methane
Trademarks: Egmol; Regolax (Corvi)
Molecular Formula: C20H18O3
Molecular Weight: 306.36
Percent Composition: C 78.41%, H 5.92%, O 15.67%
Literature References: Prepn: Hubacher, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74, 5216 (1952); Schultz, Geller, Arch. Pharm. 288, 234 (1955); Bulcsu, DE 1141293 (1962 to Iromedica), C.A. 59, 1535b (1963).
Properties: Crystals from dil alcohol, mp 201-202°.
Melting point: mp 201-202°
Derivative Type: Monoacetate
Molecular Formula: C22H20O4
Molecular Weight: 348.39
Percent Composition: C 75.84%, H 5.79%, O 18.37%
Properties: Crystals from benzene or chloroform, mp 171-174°. Soluble in dil NaOH.
Melting point: mp 171-174°
Derivative Type: Triacetate
Molecular Formula: C26H24O6
Molecular Weight: 432.47
Percent Composition: C 72.21%, H 5.59%, O 22.20%
Properties: Crystals from methanol or ethanol, mp 104-106°. Practically insol in dil alkali.
Melting point: mp 104-106°
Therap-Cat: Cathartic.
Keywords: Laxative/Cathartic.

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