Phenoxyacetyl Cellulose
Title: Phenoxyacetyl Cellulose
CAS Registry Number: 68332-77-4
CAS Name: Cellulose phenoxyacetate
Trademarks: Enzorb-A (Regis)
Literature References: Support used to immobilize proteins, enzymes and microsomes by hydrophobic adsorption. The attractive forces between the hydrophobic phenoxyacetate groups of the support and the hydrophobic surface areas of protein molecules arise from the common repulsion of the aqueous medium. Prepn and properties: L. G. Butler, Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 171, 645 (1975). Applications: J. Dixon et al., Biotechnol. Bioeng. 21, 2113 (1979).
Properties: Stable in dry form; slowly hydrolyzed in aq media above pH 8. Resistant to enzymatic hydrolysis.
Use: In enzyme immobilization.

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