Uranyl Nitrate
Title: Uranyl Nitrate
CAS Registry Number: 36478-76-9
Molecular Formula: N2O8U
Molecular Weight: 394.04
Percent Composition: N 7.11%, O 32.48%, U 60.41%
Line Formula: UO2(NO3)2
Derivative Type: Hexahydrate
Properties: Yellow crystals; greenish luster by reflected light. When shaken, rubbed, or crushed, the crystals show remarkable triboluminescence with occasional detonations. d 2.807; mp 60°. Sol in ~1.5 parts of water, freely in alcohol, ether. The aq soln is acid. Solns of uranium nitrate in ether should not be allowed to stand in sunlight as explosion may occur.
Melting point: mp 60°
Density: d 2.807
Use: As intensifier in photography; manuf uranium glaze, decorating porcelain; also as reagent in analytical chemistry.

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