Zirconium Hydroxide
Title: Zirconium Hydroxide
CAS Registry Number: 14475-63-9
Molecular Formula: H4O4Zr
Molecular Weight: 159.25
Percent Composition: H 2.53%, O 40.19%, Zr 57.28%
Line Formula: Zr(OH)4
Literature References: Proposed structures of freshly pptd and aged compds, cyclic tetramers: Zaitsev, Russ. J. Inorg. Chem. 11, 900 (1966).
Properties: White, bulky, amorphous powder; d 3.25. Insol in water; sol in mineral acids when freshly pptd; less sol when aged. It colors turmeric paper brown.
Density: d 3.25
Use: In the pigment, dye, and glass industries.

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