Ammonium Hypophosphite
Title: Ammonium Hypophosphite
CAS Registry Number: 7803-65-8
Molecular Formula: H6NO2P
Molecular Weight: 83.03
Percent Composition: H 7.28%, N 16.87%, O 38.54%, P 37.30%
Line Formula: NH4H2PO2
Literature References: Prepn: Gmelins, Ammonium (8th ed.) 23, 416 (1936).
Properties: Hygroscopic and deliquesc crystals or white granules. Decomposes when heated with evolution of phosphine which ignites spontaneously. One gram dissolves in about 1 ml water, 0.2 ml boiling water, 20 ml alcohol; freely sol in boiling alcohol, practically insol in acetone. The aq soln is practically neutral. Keep well closed.
Use: As catalyst in polyamide manuf.

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