Chromous Oxalate
Title: Chromous Oxalate
CAS Registry Number: 814-90-4
Molecular Formula: C2CrO4
Molecular Weight: 140.02
Percent Composition: C 17.16%, Cr 37.13%, O 45.71%
Line Formula: CrC2O4
Literature References: Prepn from chromous acetate and oxalic acid: Chromium Vol. 1, M. J. Udy, Ed., A.C.S. Monograph Ser., no. 132 (Reinhold, New York, 1956) p 227; from chromous sulfate and sodium oxalate: Lux, Illmann, Ber. 91, 2143 (1958). Reported as monohydrate (Udy, loc. cit.) or dihydrate (Lux, Illman, loc. cit.).
Derivative Type: Hydrate
Properties: Yellow to yellowish-green crystalline powder. d 2.468. Most stable of chromous salts. Not appreciably oxidized by moist air. Practically insol in cold water, alcohol; sol in hot water, dil acids.
Density: d 2.468
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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