Title: Coherin
CAS Registry Number: 9044-70-6
Literature References: A peptide factor present in the bovine neurohypophysis which may be involved in the normal physiological regulation of intestinal motility in mammals. Appears to stimulate the coordinated or "coherent" contraction of the intestine needed to keep food moving down the tract. Mol wt ~4000. Amino acid analysis (residue/mole): lysine 0.59; aspartic acid 3.9; threonine 0.11; serine 0.22; glutamic acid 4.0; proline 5.1; glycine 4.7; alanine 0.90; half-cystine 4.9; isoleucine 3.3; leucine 3.1; tyrosine 2.9; phenylalanine 0.88. Isoln from bovine posterior pituitary and preliminary data: Goodman, Hiatt, Science 178, 419 (1972). Localization of formation site: I. Galasinska-Pomykol, M. Chilimoniuk, Endokrynol. Pol. 24, 429 (1973), C.A. 81, 102499j (1974). Effect on electrical rhythm of dog ileum in vivo: R. B. Hiatt et al., Am. J. Dig. Dis. 22, 108 (1977). Effects on idiopathic delayed gastric emptying in humans: E. D. Davidson et al., Am. J. Gastroenterol. 74, 419 (1980).
Properties: Relatively thermostable, losing only 10% of its activity when heated in a boiling water bath at pH 3 for 1 hour. Isoelectric point: pH 6.0.

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