Ferric Hypophosphite
Title: Ferric Hypophosphite
CAS Registry Number: 7783-84-8
Molecular Formula: FeH6O6P3
Molecular Weight: 250.81
Percent Composition: Fe 22.27%, H 2.41%, O 38.27%, P 37.05%
Line Formula: Fe(H2PO2)3
Literature References: Prepn: U.S.D. 25th ed, p 573.
Properties: White or grayish-white powder. Odorless, tasteless. Sol in 2300 parts cold water, 1200 parts boiling water; more sol in water in presence of H3PO2; sol in warm concd solns of alkali citrates. Protect from light. Should not be heated or triturated with chlorates, nitrates, or other oxidizing agents.
Use: Formerly as dietary supplement for phosphorus.

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