Kiku Oil
Title: Kiku Oil
Literature References: Obtained by distillation from leaves and flowers of Chrysanthemum indicum L., Compositae. Produced in Japan: Perrier, Bull. Soc. Chim. Fr. [3] 23, 216 (1900). Constit. l-Camphene, camphor carvone, xanthophyll, coumarin, angelic acid esters. Used as a folk remedy in Japan in a manner comparable with the use of chamomile and mint in Europe, but also against intestinal worms.
Properties: Colorless or greenish oil. Odor reminiscent of oil of Eucalyptus. d415 0.932. nD18 1.4931. Acid to moist litmus paper. Ten grams dissolves in 100 grams abs alc at 95°. Almost insol in alc at 70°.
Index of refraction: nD18 1.4931
Density: d415 0.932

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