Magnesium Peroxide
Title: Magnesium Peroxide
CAS Registry Number: 14452-57-4
Additional Names: Magnesium dioxide
Trademarks: Magnesium Perhydrol; Magnesium Superoxol
Molecular Formula: MgO2
Molecular Weight: 56.30
Percent Composition: Mg 43.17%, O 56.84%
Literature References: The article of commerce contains 15-25% MgO2, the balance being magnesium hydroxide. For medicinal use the 25% article is preferred.
Properties: White, tasteless, odorless powder. Insol in water and gradually dec by it with liberation of oxygen; sol in dil acids, forming hydrogen peroxide; when strongly heated loses all the peroxide oxygen. Keep well closed.
Therap-Cat: Antacid, anti-infective.
Keywords: Antacid; Antiseptic/Disinfectant; Peroxides/Permanganates.

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