Mellitic Acid
Title: Mellitic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 517-60-2
CAS Name: Benzenehexacarboxylic acid
Additional Names: mellic acid
Molecular Formula: C12H6O12
Molecular Weight: 342.17
Percent Composition: C 42.12%, H 1.77%, O 56.11%
Line Formula: C6(COOH)6
Literature References: Preparation from carbonaceous material: M. Kiebler, US 2461740 (1949 to Carnegie Inst. of Tech.); Germain et al., Bull. Soc. Chim. Fr. 1962, 779; from tetrahalophthalic acid: Brusset, Uny, ibid. 1951, 565; Juettner, US 3067246 (1962).
Properties: Crystals. mp 286-288° in sealed tube with decompn. Freely sol in water or alcohol; sol in boiling concd H2SO4 without decompn.
Melting point: mp 286-288° in sealed tube with decompn

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