Title: Metapramine
CAS Registry Number: 21730-16-5
CAS Name: 10,11-Dihydro-N,5-dimethyl-5H-dibenz[b,f]azepin-10-amine
Additional Names: 10,11-dihydro-5-methyl-10-(methylamino)-5H-dibenz[b,f]azepine
Manufacturers' Codes: RP-19560
Trademarks: Timaxel (Rh>e-Poulenc)
Molecular Formula: C16H18N2
Molecular Weight: 238.33
Percent Composition: C 80.63%, H 7.61%, N 11.75%
Literature References: Psychotropic agent, related structurally to imipramine, q.v. Prepn: J. C. Fouche, C. G. A. Gueremy, ZA 6800345 corresp to US 3622565 (1968, 1971 both to Rhone-Poulenc). Determn in plasma by GC: A. R. Viala et al., Anal. Chem. 49, 2354 (1977). HPLC method: J. P. Sommadossi et al., J. Chromatogr. 228, 205 (1982). Pharmacological and clinical effects: P. Dick, Encephale 4, 41 (1978). Clinical studies: L. F. Gayral et al., ibid. 365; E. J. Caille, J.-P. Brun, Psychol. Med. 13, 1879 (1981). Biotransformation in animals and man: B. Decouvelaere et al., Therapie 37, 249 (1982).
Derivative Type: Hydrochloride
Molecular Formula: C16H19ClN2
Molecular Weight: 274.79
Percent Composition: C 69.93%, H 6.97%, Cl 12.90%, N 10.19%
Properties: Crystals from isopropanol + ether, mp 238-240°. Injectable formulation. The fumarate is used for tablet formulations.
Melting point: mp 238-240°
Therap-Cat: Antidepressant.
Keywords: Antidepressant; Tricyclics.

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