Methiodal Sodium
Title: Methiodal Sodium
CAS Registry Number: 126-31-8
CAS Name: Iodomethanesulfonic acid sodium salt
Additional Names: sodium iodomethanesulfonate
Trademarks: Skiodan (Winthrop); Abrodil (Schering); Radiographol; Segosin; Diagnorenol
Molecular Formula: CH2INaO3S
Molecular Weight: 243.98
Percent Composition: C 4.92%, H 0.83%, I 52.01%, Na 9.42%, O 19.67%, S 13.14%
Line Formula: CH2ISO3Na
Literature References: Prepd by the action of sodium sulfite on methylene iodide at 70° in water-alcohol soln: Ossenbeck et al., US 1842626 (1932 to Winthrop); from iodoform + sodium sulfite: Allardt, US 1867793 (1932 to Schering-Kahlbaum AG).
Properties: Crystals. Slightly saline taste followed by sweetish aftertaste. Freely sol in water (70 g/100 ml); slightly sol in alcohol (2.5 g/100 ml), benzene, ether, acetone.
Therap-Cat: Diagnostic aid (radiopaque medium¾urographic).
Keywords: Diagnostic Aid (Radiopaque Medium).

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